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Kevin Musto

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  • Kevin Musto

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  • Senate
  • Kevin Musto, BS Pharm, is the Owner and President of Atlantic Apothecary, a community-focused pharmacy in Smyrna, DE and Atlantic Apothecary Camden, a compounding pharmacy in Camden, DE.

    Kevin graduated from Duquesne University in 1991 and has been a strong pharmacy advocator since. After graduating, he worked at Happy Harry’s for twenty years before opening his own pharmacy in 2007.

    His leadership experience flourished working with the Delaware Pharmacists Society (DPS), President 1997 to 1999. His practice skills have steadily evolved as he has participated in certifications in Immunization, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Pharmacogenomic, Diabetes Care, Travel Health and Point Of Care (POC) Testing. Musto has been an active member of American Pharmacists Association (APhA) since 1986. He has represented Delaware at the APhA House of Delegates from 1998-Present. In addition he has participated nationally on APhA Policy Review Committee, 2004 and 2009; New Business Review Committee, 2006; Policy Committee, 2017 (Chair); and House Rules Committee 2022.

    In 2003, Delaware EMS Preparedness Section tapped Musto to develop statewide receiving, staging and storing procedures for Delaware to receive Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) assets. His responsibilities also included establishing trainings for pharmacists and the Delaware Medical Reserve Corps. Most recently, he has assisted with training Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in the administration of COVID-19 vaccines throughout Delaware.

    He serves as an IPPE/ APPE preceptor for several colleges of pharmacy. Musto enjoys working with future pharmacy leaders and providing opportunities for involvement in non-traditional pharmacy experience. Musto is an active member on the Delaware Medicaid Drug Utilization Review (DUR) and Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) committees, Delaware Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Advisory Committee and Chair of the Delaware Authority of Radiation Protection.

  • Candidate Questions

  • Education Equity

  • Yes

    We need to do everything we can to make the student's learning experience as successful as possible. There should be no fear that a student will not come home from school due to a school shooting.

  • Yes

    When we have less opportunities, it hurts the whole community. Discipline needs to be the standard without it the learning environment does not promote growth. But, when everyone in the school succeeds, the community thrives.

  • Immigrants’ Rights

  • Yes

    learned first hand while a Director of Pharmacy working with public health, when we care for underserved individuals, we care for the entire community. When we only care for some of the population, going to common places such as the grocery store, gas station or church puts folks at risk. Care for everyone and the state thrives.

  • Yes
  • Smart Justice

  • Yes

    Law enforcement is a thankless occupation. I am very thankful for all they do to keep me and my family safe. We all agree that the public can not be safe without their protection. However, there could be a bad example and we can not afford for the safety of public to be put at risk and not hold misconduct accountable.

    all law enforcement personal

  • No

    Law enforcement transparency will hold police departments accountable. Civilian oversight can lack the technical knowledge and Monday morning quarterback the response.

  • Yes

    A new crime or violence is a deal breaker. Communities are healthier when families are together.

  • Yes

    Everyone should have a chance for a second chance. Not all will take advantage of this opportunity. Some may fail, but most will appreciate the change and thrive.

  • Yes
  • Yes

    While there is a cost to process, the fee should not be punitive and create a financial burden that can not be overcome

  • Reproductive Freedom

  • Yes

    Long-term the state will pay considerably more over a unwanted, neglected, and potentially a second generational dependent.

  • Yes

    We can not go backwards as a society.

  • Yes

    Healthy babies become healthy contributors to society and possibly future legislators.

  • Voting Rights

  • Yes

    Everyone deserves the right to vote

  • Yes

    As stated, less stress for the voters and folks working the poles.

  • Yes

    Everyone needs the right to vote, if they choose

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