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Kyra Hoffner

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  • Kyra Hoffner

  • About Kyra

  • 14
  • Senate
  • A native New Yorker, Kyra grew up in Patchogue, a small town on Long Island. Community service is in her blood. Her father was a proud NYPD officer and her mother was a community advocate.

    Kyra married her husband Gerald in 1992 and the pair had two children, Geena and James. As their family grew, so did their small town. After realizing that they wanted to raise their children in a small town, and not the over-crowded space their town had become, they made the move to Delaware.

    They immediately fell in love with the small-town community they found in Leipsic. They knew that this town would give them the sense of home and community they were so desperately looking for when deciding where to raise their children.

    For the past decade, Kyra has been actively working and volunteering in Delaware in a variety of organizations. She is currently a lobbyist with the League of Women Voters, fighting for civil rights, as well as holding the position of Co-Chair of the People Powered Fair Maps Redistricting Team.

    In the 2020 redistricting process, Kyra partnered with 19 other organizations to produce fair district maps for the State of Delaware. In this process, she held more than 100 workshops to educate the public on the process. Through this process, she protected several communities of interest and gave them the transparency and opportunity for public comment that they deserve.

    She previously served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network, holding over 60 informational meetings per year since 2016 throughout Delaware. She is also active with NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and is certified with Americans for Safe Access, which is a Cannabis Care Certification Patient Education Program.

    Kyra is also a proud member of League of Women Voters ,NAACP, Network Delaware, Sierra Club, Delaware United, Planned Parenthood, and ACLU (Smart Justice). More recently joining Delaware NOW, to fight for reproductive and women's rights.

    Prior to her retirement in 2008, Kyra worked as a Mortgage Originator for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. In this role, she was admired and respected for her commitment to local families and the future of our District.

    Her current role as a community advocate for Environment, Social Justice, Criminal Justice, and Education causes allows her to merge her passions with her interpersonal and professional skills. She is proud to be engaging in work at the local, state, and national levels of legislative initiatives.

    Kyra recognizes that the work starts here, at home in our local community. It is not out of the ordinary to see her running a drive-through food bank she started during the pandemic or at a rally, standing up for the rights of our neighbors. Most recently, Kyra has been working to pass a bill of rights for people experiencing homelessness that will be a starting point to recognize housing as a human right.

  • Candidate Questions

  • Education Equity

  • Yes

    Law enforcement officers are not trained to deal with children and their issues. The money can be spent on more counselors to resolve any issues a child might have. At this point in time, the presence of law enforcement is traumatic to some children. The presence of Law Enforcement has not stopped outsiders from coming in and causing harm. We need to invest in other ways to keep out children safe from outsiders.

  • Yes

    We must reinforce positivity. Kids will do what kids do and it is our job to guide them not just punish them. More counselors, programs, and arts to help children express themselves in a more positive way. Discipline needs to be appropriate to the child's age.

  • Immigrants’ Rights

  • Yes

    All children should have healthcare services including preventative care. Children who go without care can have more chronic and life threaten issues when they become an adult. Putting extra strain on our state resources and our hospitals.

  • Yes
  • Smart Justice

  • Yes

    When an investigation needs to take place, for fair and justice to prevail, all information must be accessible.

  • Yes

    To rebuild our relationship with Law enforcement personnel, a shared responsibility to finding the truth will bring communities together. Community review boards would open up the transparency into misconduct and hold departments accountable. It can help improve community relations by fostering communication between the community and police agency.

  • Yes

    When someone is released from prison we must help them access the tools to be successful and self sufficient. Making sure reentry into society is a partnership and certain violation are not abuse of power to re-incarcerated.

  • Yes

    At this time we can easily help thousands of people with navigating this costly process giving them a clean slate. Once someone pays their debt to society, an expungement can help them move on with their lives to be productive members.

  • Yes

    Keeping old and false information on someones record is not helpful. Listing items they were not charge with, can delay a release from incarceration, probation or parole. The only items that should be listed is the crime that was actually charged.

  • Yes

    An Expungement should not rest solely on ones ability to pay. We live in a world were many are not making a living wage and this will put up more road blocks to someone trying to establish a good paying job, or education to better themselves.

  • Reproductive Freedom

  • Yes

    Abortion is health care and should be covered by Medicaid.

  • Yes

    I will fully support a constitutional amendment to protect women in the state of Delaware. As our federal legislature had 50 years to do so and did nothing. We must protect the right to privacy and reproductive healthcare.

  • Yes

    The mortality rate is alarming for the year 2022. A reproductive Healthcare equity fund can save lives and prevent emergency situations. Having Doula service providers will help with the healthcare disparities and ensure health babies are born.

  • Voting Rights

  • Yes

    The voting rights act of 1965 was to protect against discriminatory voting practices. In recent years more laws are being introduce to block black and brown communities from having access to vote or redistricting lines being drawn to leave those communities out of the process. Voting is the core of our democracy and everyone should be protected to vote in fair elections.

  • Yes

    Expanding voting locations and times would help greatly for voter participation.

  • Yes

    Many laws affect those that are recently released from prison. Part of re entry is being part of the community and voting helps facilitate that.

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