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  • New Castle
  • Red Clay Consolidated
  • District D
  • Carlucci came to United States of America as an Artist, just like many in the conquest of fame and fortune, working his talents to achieve a higher ground.
    As he got to know the USA, the more he fell in love with this country of freedom. Carlucci began to realize the necessity of helping others in the community that were less fortunate than him; the homeless population, the sick and mentally ill, victims of crimes, drug abuse, etc.
    Carlucci Coelho became passionate to serve the people of his community and has immersed himself in every role with a unique understanding of the issues, how they should be addressed, with a commitment to long-term success.
    His passion results from years of experience in a few professions including realtor, and many more years leading events in the non-profit sector and as a candidate for public office, growing his voice for those in need of being heard.
    He has long been active in the non-profit community of Delaware and has raised in excess of $3 million. He has superior persuasive skills in his verbal communication, serving as a powerful advocate for organizations he has represented, and for causes in which he believes.
    He has managed volunteers and employees, including in his own business that he successfully managed for years.
    2017 Became a licensed Realtor in the state of Delaware to be able to be more flexible with his time to continue his strong involvement in our communities.
    2022 Carlucci became a Candidate for State House of Representatives for District 13, being able to get support from all parties and building bridges between people. Carlucci is looking forward, optimistically to his new campaign in the 2024 election, in order to be able to help and serve the residents and businesses in District 13.
    Speaks five languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French)
    Two-year degree in Fashion Industry Business, with parallel degree in Costume and Set Design, Portugal.
    The American Dream
    US Citizen, to him, is his most personal and precious achievement.

  • Candidate Questions

  • Equity is one of the most important subjects about life, fairness and justice for all. In this case "equity" should remain and improve for all students.

  • I would ensure by getting strongly involved on the School Budget Committee, making sure that the School District is providing funding according to need.
    Legislators have to agree that more funding is needed for special educational needs. We all benefit when our students and teachers succeed and helping those who need the most help and with additional resources is critical to increase both the number of students who succeed and extend on those successes.

  • First I would like to say that every child must be treated equal as any other child. I'm for all children from all backgrounds. We need to keep teachers safe and motivated believing in strong basic Academics, Arts and Sports to keep students engaged at all times in different forms, so that way, the student can engage more to comprehend better and wants to advance their knowledge to a higher level of education so they can achieve a form of living by the time high school is over and that puts a break on the chaos of toda; whether it's a work skill or go to college to succeed in life.
    We need good mental health in schools for the abused who needs support and protection .
    We must have the right people in the right jobs to bring a better education and safety amongst all children's of our Schools

  • I would have to come to the middle to balance this strong issue. For some children probably most of the children would do ok with restorative, non-punitive discipline practices but not all children are alike and we all know how some can be very unstable and never accept any type of discipline, and in those cases I believe that there has to be serious consequences before it's too late and before the safety of others are at risk; if not improvements have to be made for a way of legislators to get involved and to help create a gateway for a positive outcome to learn and respect in the positive way or to get the mental help needed to be able to belong to society.
    This is why I promote vocational education in all schools to keep children busy and away from trouble and more around others positive individuals who can help them where they can observe and report if violent issues are developing or getting better. Tutoring, afterschool programs and creative engagement must be undertaken to close the gap.

  • I believe that my priorities would be to assure better transparency for parents into their child's learning, that includes reading and learning both the curriculum and the environment; to promote vocational education in all schools; to assure our schools are safe for students and teachers and to return our focus to the primary purpose of education-academics .
    Give parents the choice of accepting or denying what their own kids have the right or not to read. These children have parents who have different views about life and we must respect all parents views and try to stay on common ground. It would be up to the parent what in their home is called "read and learn".
    I believe students are the children and they must respect their parents values and their way of life until they can decide and pay for their own as they become young adults.
    The first and primary focus of the board of education must be student achievement .

  • Yes, I agree with that. Schools should be inclusive for all students, regardless of a student’s gender identity or sexual orientation, immigration status, disability, socioeconomic status, every child should have a chance at a good education to become great Citizens, also I want to make sure that no one's Rights are being infringed upon, due to the fact that we decided that one of the groups should have more stronger rights than the others. We need to respect everyone's beliefs as long they're not harming themselves or others.

  • I believe in and i'm part of the involvement and growth of rights for many different groups of people for decades. I support that we all need to respect each other rights and come together to a common ground and have schools give options to parents. Parents and Childreen have choices whatever you are LGBTQ or not. More people needs education in different life issues to understand the rights of many to bring peace and accomplish more out of life.

  • This subject is very important to me.
    I would say a safe environment free from bullying and violence to learn and grow is one of my first reasons to run for School Board.
    We must keep schools safe at all times and protect children, teachers and personnel and stop bullying in every school. Bullying is happening right now on a bigger scale,through cyber bullying.
    Bullying most of the times starts at home where it's accepted, from a child or an adult, bullying some individual where most of times one doesn't even know that well the other person or their needs. Bullies need to have disciplinary consequences, students and parents need to have a form of consequence approved by our legislators to put an end to Bullying.
    Until we hold the bullies responsible and those who support them directly or indirectly this will never stop and more violence will keep on spreading amongst our children and teachers.
    We can create a positive learning environment in our schools for all students.

  • We talking about School Board, so I take it this "translated materials" you mentioned in this question, would be related to some form of Education forms, school announcements or school information, given to parents translated about the school or the child, through mail or in person and for that I will support.
    Yes to the availability of translators for students and families at school meetings and events if necessary, in case no other individual selected by family is available to translate. My self English not being my first language i had to use translators in the past and from experience and from knowing the experience of others who English is not there first language they would prefer not to talk to a professional translator because in the end the translator is just a stranger and private information is going through that person not making the person at ease. Schools must get seriously involved creating free public classes for English as a second language for parents or guardians. That will alleviate the need of too many translators and use that money for another vocation Program or field trip for the children.

  • Honestly, i'm not sure if we need more teacher and administrator diversity, i don't know everyone, would be wrong of me to answer this question. I can say that I have seen diversity in Delaware schools and I welcome diversity, myself; I'm an immigrant.
    What I believe is that Delaware schools needs to keep teachers safe and motivated in believing in teaching strong basic Academics, Arts and Sports to keep students engaged at all times in different forms, so that way the student can engage more, to comprehend better and want to advance their knowledge to a higher level of education so they can achieve a form of living by the time high school is over, whether that's through a vocational skill or by being able to get into college, so they can handle better the chaos of today's world and for sometime.
    We need more Delaware teachers to understand that those children who they teach they have parents and the teacher job is to teach and keep them safe because in the end of the day those children as they return home they must continue seeing life through their parents eyes and not through the teacher eyes.
    If we're going to talk diversity of anything we should talk options and none of us are perfect.

  • I've been in Delaware for over thirty years and I always was told about the risks of consumption of Delaware public water. I fight for clean water for all residents, many can't afford bottles of water for them or the children and we all should be able to drink clean water, especially when comes to our children and people at risk.
    In 2023 we should know that drinking water coming through lead pipes are poisonous or if lead corrosions gets into the water. As a realtor I'm not able to Sell or Purchase homes without the lead pipes/paint having been replaced .
    Why are we accepting taking so long to do a resolution on this very important issue for the safety of our children, it's not acceptable. The CDC explains well the dangers of lead in drinking water.
    Schools must replace sources of drinking water, lead pipes, plumbing fixtures, welding solder and pipe fittings made prior to 1986 and keep holding responsible the Department of Education and those who allowed this to go this far.

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