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  • Hello! I’m Christine Gilbert and I’m a Delaware native. My husband of 27 years and I have lived in Newark since 1997. I attended Red Clay Public Schools and am a 1986 graduate of St. Mark’s High School. I hold a BFA in Dance Performance, Choreography and Education and a BS in English from Towson University, class of 1991. I also earned a Masters in Education from the University of Delaware in 1995. Currently I am a certified teacher in K-12 Special Education, K-6 Elementary Education, 5-12 Dance, and 9-12 English Language Arts. I am a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and am a certified Zumba instructor, a substitute teacher, Girl Scout Leader (10 years for the Chesapeake Bay Girl Scouts) and CCD teacher & Confirmation leader at St. John the Beloved Church (12 years). I have also performed as background talent in HBO’s VEEP, Netflix’s House of Cards, and Sylvester Stallone’s movie, Creed. My most favorite role and greatest accomplishment is that of mother to four fantastic kids! My oldest is currently a PhD candidate in Computer Science Engineering, my younger son is in his last year of Law School and will graduate this spring, my oldest daughter is an aerospace engineer and will also graduate this spring, and my youngest daughter is a freshman Neuroscience major. I have spent 22 years volunteering at their schools, clubs, sporting events and dance studios/competitions. Family and Education are of greatest importance to me and I would be honored to have your vote to continue the work that needs to be done to ensure your children educational opportunities that lead them to a pathway to success. I am confident I can help develop today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders.

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  • Equity is defined as an individual using their best judgment, confidence, motivation, creativity, and self-awareness to apply their unique talents, skills, integrity, and personal witness to forge their way onto a path of self-discovery towards fulfillment of happiness, peace, success, and contribution to society.

  • All dollars must be spent with the purpose of directly benefitting each student. Funds will be allocated to student advancement through curriculum development, mentorship, enrichment programs, and social services to better match individual student experiences/needs. Such programs will be measured monthly to ensure improvements are taking place.

  • I welcome community involvement of church and community leaders whom shall represent various cultures to engage and participate in our schools providing mentorship, modeling of appropriate behaviors, and instilling confidence in our students. Parents and guardians are also welcome to engage in comprehensive enrichment programs during the school day. Enrichment programs will bridge and unify all cultures to celebrate the human spirit.

  • Students of all grade levels will have clear and consistent expectations & consequences formulated within a reward-based system for positive behaviors. Regarding negative behaviors, each school will have on staff a full-time psychologist whom will engage with those students and their parents/guardians to develop a behavioral plan. Such plan will be enacted and measured for remediation monthly.

  • Students have the right to read, analyze, and discern information from unbiased sources with the right to then think freely, vocalize, and formulate their own opinions without the judgment or scrutiny of their teachers and peers, as deemed based on the student's upbringing and family's values and moral legacy.

  • I agree that ALL students deserve a comprehensive, imaginative, hands-on curriculum and learning environment that represents their unique learning style, needs, strengths, and weaknesses. If elected to the school board, I will be a keen and frequent observer/present in the classrooms in each school within the district to ensure that CSD students are provided with an appropriate and enriching curriculum that is child-centered, child-led regardless of their life experiences/identity factors. Any observations/reports that prohibit inclusivity will be addressed and remediated immediately.

  • ALL persons, students, staff, administrators, contractors, parents/guardians, and guests affiliated with CSD will be expected to treat each other with respect, courtesy, compassion, and dignity. No exceptions.

  • The most important element in addressing bullying or discrimination is to have at hand all of the facts of the incident. Bullying and discrimination of any individual will not be tolerated. Parents, students, and employees will work together to find solutions and each incident will be dissected and remediated on an individual basis. Incorporating and modeling age-appropriate themes of humanity to encourage mutual respect and understanding will be conducted throughout the school year in every school (examples: integrity, compassion, empathy, kindness, fortitude, responsibility, ambition).

  • I support the following with regards to students and their families who speak English as a second language: Students will receive instruction in English with supportive guidance as needed as they master the English language. It is my belief that such students will absorb and grasp the English language (reading, writing, comprehension, and expression) when given numerous opportunities to practice. I have faith and confidence that they will welcome the opportunity to learn English and will adapt quickly and efficiently. I want to strongly encourage their families to enroll in a program I plan to start state-wide, "English immersion." Adults will have the opportunity to participate in skill-building lessons and role-playing, with language resource tutors/mentors to facilitate mastery of the English language. Full immersion in reading, writing, and conversation, with instruction in English immersion techniques, including numerous opportunities to practice at home with family members also undergoing instruction, is a sound, practical, and resourceful method for English- as-second-language-citizens to fully engage in our schools and community.

  • All staff and employees will be hired and retained based on the employee's personal character, integrity, education, experience, passing of a comprehensive criminal background check, parent feedback, peer review, in reflection of whom is most qualified to do the job with measurable results.

  • My father, Victor Cirillo Jr and grandfather, Victor Cirillo Sr of Centerville were lifelong plumbers. Every building owned district-wide will be subjected to lead, water, electrical, pest, technology and safety inspections yearly. Any issues or discrepancies will be corrected within two weeks discovery. Contracts will be awarded based on competitive pricing and reputation of excellence of customer service/job quality. The district budget will include these inspections and remediations if not already allotted.

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