Norm Abrams

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  • Norm Abrams

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  • New Castle
  • Appoquinimink School District
  • At Large
  • Graduated John Dickinson High School. Graduated Goldey Beacom College. Married 37 years. 3 children.

  • Candidate Questions

  • Equity is more complicated than simply dividing resources fairly and equally. You must also consider the differences or starting points of each person. Differences such as socioeconomic status and race require different support to ensure the same opportunity for success.

  • I would ensure all budget expenditures are listed for everyone to view on the district website. I would also promote that all checks written on behalf of the school district can be found on the State of Delaware's website.

  • I would constantly press the district office for all data on discipline. If a student does A the the result should be B. If a student does C the result should be D. Take all the data and compare each incident to each other. This will ensure that all students are being treated the same. When a school or administrator is not following the predestined course of action a sit down is required to resolve any potential predetermined bias.

  • Appoquinimink already utilizes restorative justice when dealing with infractions involving the student code of conduct. Thinking outside the box is critical for students who break the code of conduct while attempting to keep them in a learning environment. Care must be given to all students especially those who may become repeat attendees in this process. Knowing when enough is enough is extremely important.
    Appoquinimink utilizes school resource officers (SROs) and constables whose primary objective is making student outreach. It is not about just carrying a weapon. It is about making connections with the students.

  • When the government, citizens, or special interest groups begin banning books or limiting different viewpoints students suffer. Banning books is not the answer. Parents have the right to be involved in their students' education. Not what is right or wrong for other students and their families.

  • Public schools are required to accept every student who walks through the door. Alienating a student based on immigration status, gender, or disability is only going to drive them away from a positive learning environment. Providing students with a safe and secure learning environment is extremely important for all students to succeed.

  • Yes.

  • Bullying should be reduced after bullying laws are enacted. Unfortunately, classrooms continue to see an uptick in bullying, and general disruption by students who lack basic abilities to control their actions causing disruptions in the classroom as teachers are left dealing with discipline issues instead of teaching curriculum.

  • One of the many responsibilities a school board member has is ensuring active participation from all community members. It is imperative that you connect with your constituents for when problem resolution committees are formed, planning groups, and other panels that impact the school district. Having made contact with the community can help put community members on vital committees for problem solving.

    During the last several years of being a school board member, Appoquinimink School District promotes all committess on social media, electronic email, and postings at all the schools. This is done to inform parents of upcoming meetings

  • Yes. America is a melting pot of diversity and is strongest when everyone’s diversity is explored and celebrated. Students should see themselves reflected in the community. Teachers have a tremendous influence on his/her students. A teacher's positive influence can last a lifetime on a student. Therefore every student should be able to look at his/her teacher and see themselves as a positive role model. Community diversity must be reflected in the school system.

  • Yes. In 2021-2022 Appoquinimink School District performed an exhaustive inspection of all buildings within the district. One kitchen sink faucet was found contaminated with lead. The faucet was removed and replaced. Appoquinimink School District has a director of Safety and Security Operations. This position works closely with the district administration and the school board in matters related to the health and safety of students and staff. Routine drills and tabletop exercises are performed yearly ensuring everyone is aware of safety plans and evacuation routes should an emergency happen.

  • The State of Delaware is aware that its public schools are underfunded. The State of Delaware is very good at mandating school districts to perform certain policies, procedures, or changes in how they operate but will provide no funding to meet the mandate. This is known as an unfunded mandate. For example, the state passed a law requiring all doors inside the school to be locked from inside the room. The school district averages 250 doors requiring this lock per school. The lock cost is $595.00. $325 installation cost. $920.00 total cost per door. This would bring the final price to $230,000 for one school. The school district has 21 schools for a final price to the district $4,830,000.00. In addition, the state has taken back funds earmarked for a specific item. Ten years ago the state wanted to shift busing costs to the districts 90%-10%. Over the next ten years, the new formula is 80%-20%. The state passed $498,000 to the taxpayers. When you look at how the state funds education it's apparent to see where the problem lies with underfunding, transparency, and the lack of ability to relocate financial resources when covering for the state.

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