Kristie Thomas

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  • Kristie Thomas

  • About Kristie

  • Sussex
  • Woodbridge School District
  • At Large
  • I am a mom of 3. I am on several boards from little league to governmental tax ditch board. I am determined to make a difference for these kids and teachers.

  • Candidate Questions

  • Equity is not just being fair but taking care of those teachers you have with you and that are doing their very best. Equity is making sure every child no matter the child is getting the best education and help possible.

  • I want to make sure that the areas that have issues are being taken care of like staffing. I want it to be known how budgets are being used the public should be aware of how their tax dollars are being used.

  • I want to have more staff hired. We need to have more teachers that have the certification to handle the ones that need more help we need more paras to help the teachers as well as we need more therapists in the schools. Allot of these kids feel unheard and lost and they need someone to help them.

  • The altimate goal is to make sure all kids and staff are safe and with the training and education for all staff including the constables we can make sure this happens

  • Yes I think we need to stop teaching for tests and teach more for life this will also help test scores come up as kids will be able to relate more to what is being asked of them

  • Yes all kids deserve to learn no matter their background. School is the stepping stone to life and if we don't help them get over these stepping stones then life will be much harder.

  • I believe that everyone no matter who they are or what they classify themselves as has rights but we need to make sure that with that everyone is safe and respected

  • Bullying is a big issue I want to address we need better education for the kids to understand the effects bullying has and what bullying is as well as harsher consequences to bullying

  • I would make sure everyone knows what is going on through the school's and make it more known for board meetings so more parents will come and be part of the decision making.

  • I think diversity is a great thing everyone has their ways and with being diverse we can help all students.

  • We need regular testing and then make sure we have plans in motion if lead was to ever test in our water.

  • We need to make sure all kids educational needs are met with better qualified teachers and staff.

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