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  • I am an innovative leader with strong experience in the education and nonprofit sectors. My strength is in redesigning and launching initiatives, with a focus on defining and leveraging the value and perspectives of each stakeholder. My experience spans across multiple school districts, government, and nonprofit organizations. Here are a few highlights of my education experience:

    Academy of Hope Adult Charter School: As an Administrator, I was hired to help develop systems for the newly launched campus. I managed all aspects of programming for 120 adult students, with direct supervision of office staff and in coordination with the instruction and operations teams. I directed and initiated internal processes to improve program design and delivery and ensure compliance with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education and DC Public Charter School Board. I developed and managed the site budget and collected and analyzed data, at both the campus and student level, to inform education practices and design.

    DC Public Schools: As an administrator, I was hired to help lead a major program redesign including, researching best practices, designing a new intake process, implementing new academic software systems, designing new marketing tools and hiring new staff for the Home & Hospital Instruction Program. Our efforts resulted in an increased number of students served, a greater level of service satisfaction, and a reduction in wait time for service delivery (from one week to approximately 2 days). I was recognized by the District Chancellor and Office of Specialized Instruction for dedicated leadership.

    Anne Arundel County Public Schools: As a Course Designer & Instructor, I developed and taught five high school courses online to students who are unable to attend school due to medical illness, pregnancy or suspension. I developed lesson plans, administered assessments and served as a liaison between the families, school, and Board of Education.

    Boston Public Schools & West Chester Area School District: As a substitute teacher, I taught middle school and high school classes for short term and long term assignments, including general education, special education and emotional support classrooms. In Boston, in addition to teaching 2 semester-long classes, I designed a training program for substitute teachers at English High School.

  • Candidate Questions

  • I define equity as intentionally removing barriers and providing the necessary support to make it possible for each person to thrive and achieve success, as each person defines it.

  • Brandywine School District has taken several steps toward budget equity and financial transparency including, sharing detailed budget reports at each board meeting and having a financial oversight committee that meets monthly. Additional steps could include using a formal process to gather budget input from key stakeholders, including parents and teachers, and adopting an equity-based budgeting process based on demonstrated need versus using more traditional models like district-wide staffing ratios.

  • The Parent Council for Parents of Students with Disabilities and various student groups, such as the Black Student Union (BSU) and Genders & Sexualities Alliance (GSA), help raise awareness and provide spaces for advocacy. However, they are not enough. I recommend that BSD establish an equity & inclusion oversight committee, made up of students, staff, and subject matter experts, that evaluates the District's progress and publicizes an equity and inclusion score card annually.

  • Recent safety improvements in BSD, such as an increased number of resource officers and security cameras, help provide a sense of security in response to increased incidents of school violence nationwide. However, such measures do not address risk factors of school violence, such as mental health challenges and peer rejection. Further, statistics show that punitive safety measures disproportionately target Black and Brown populations and students with disabilities, actually increasing feelings of resentment and distrust and thereby increasing the risks of violence. Conversely, restorative justice practices, such as peer mediation, address students' socio-emotional needs and have been shown to reduce in-school and out-of-school incidents of violence. As a board member, I would propose that BSD pilot restorative practice programs in each of the three high schools and then expand the programs to middle and elementary schools, structuring the programs based on evidence-based practices and student input.

  • Yes, I believe students have a right to read and learn free from viewpoint-based censorship. While some people believe book and course censorship is new, beginning in response to practices of Critical Race Theory, in reality, the United States has censored public education based on viewpoint throughout its entire history. Such is the reason why I never learned about African-American inventors and the huge influence that African-Americans and women had on developing America as a nation in any of my childhood textbooks. If we are to find success in providing a truly viewpoint-based uncensored education for all students, including learning about difficult to accept historic facts, we must address the public education curriculum as a whole and not just as it relates to recent pushback.

  • Yes, I believe that all students have a right to a free appropriate education and that inclusive classrooms and schools help remove barriers to students accessing that education.

  • I support district-wide policies that affirm the rights and inclusion of all students, recognizing and respecting the individual characteristics that each student considers part of their identity.

  • Incidents of bullying are often caused by one of two reasons: The perpetrator does not understand something about the victim and creates false narratives within their mind about the victim. Or, the perpetrator is insecure about their own characteristics and projects the distain they have against themselves onto the victim. In the first instance, raising awareness and fostering inclusion can help students better know the characteristics and value of their peers. In the second instance, providing socio-emotional support to all students, regardless of whether there is visible need or not, can improve self awareness and self regulation in students, improving the way they interact with each other.

  • Utilizing multiple methods of engagement, versus set meetings at set times, can increase opportunities for families to be involved. Monthly BSD Board meetings start at 7pm and often run until 9:30pm, making it difficult for families with small children and/or caregivers who work at nontraditional hours to be involved. PTA meetings are also in the evenings. In addition to meetings, schools might try employing creative methods like sending brief SMS surveys and social media to get family feedback on key issues.

  • Yes. Research shows that representation in the classroom helps create a sense of belonging in students, improves academic achievement and helps foster a positive school climate. Representation is important in positions other than discipline roles, which is where many schools seek to diversify their staff.

  • The school board provides oversight for the BSD superintendent and must hold the superintendent responsible for all matters of school compliance and safety, including water testing. I would commit to requiring updates from the superintendent and monitoring the progress.

  • I am proud to have served on the Board this school year and helping to successfully pass a funding referendum in February. The referendum was an important step to closing the funding gap and when combined with good fiscal stewardship, will enable BSD to continue providing quality education.

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