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Budget Equity

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Closing the Funding Gap

Equity is all about making sure that everyone has what they need in order to be successful. This means recognizing that each school and student are unique and need individualized plans for success.

Working towards eliminating discrimination that exists within our school systems, begins largely with addressing historical funding gaps that disproportionately impact Black and brown neighborhoods. With significant decision-making power and million dollar budgets to allocate, school boards play an important role in this fight. They are responsible for hiring decisions and ensuring that budgets and resources, such as textbooks, equipment, and supplies are equitably distributed. While efforts to improve funding for Delaware’s low-income schools have increased in recent years, we must elect school board officials who are dedicated to continuing to bridge funding gaps, or huge imbalances in education equity will persist.. That role also includes eliminating any discrimination that exists within school districts.

No student’s educational experience should be defined by their zip code. To close the funding gap, school boards must allow for the priorities and needs of students, parents, and teachers in the community to guide the process. Tailoring budgets to what each school needs instead of operating with a one size fits all model, will help ensure that all students can begin their academic journeys at the starting line with their peers.