How To Vote In Delaware’s General Election: Important Updates

What’s New In 2022

Check out the Delaware Voting Rights Coalition’s new voter resource guide: “How to Vote in Delaware’s General Election: Important Updates”

For Delaware’s 2022 General Election, there have been significant last-minute changes that voters need to be aware of. Vote-by-mail is no longer an option for all Delaware voters, and same day registration has been overturned as well.

The Delaware Voting Rights Coalition (DVRC) has launched an organized public education campaign to inform Delaware voters about these changes. The campaign centers around a comprehensive voter guide, “How to Vote in Delaware’s General Election: Important Updates,” and features information on the recent changes, what options are available for voters, as well as links to all the resources any voter will need for more info.

Our updated guide is available in both English and Spanish. You can check out the guide, download copies, and download social media graphics to help spread the information below.